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About Me

I specialize in providing original photography for education, business, corporate, and editorial clients on location in the Washington DC, Baltimore and Frederick, MD area or at my well equipped studio at my home.

Having spent 11 years as a daily newspaper staff photographer, I have what I think is a well deserved reputation for flexibility in terms of working within my clients' budgets, and especially, their time tables.

Since so much of my work involves location shooting in busy, working environments, I have a healthy respect for minimizing the impact of my presence while at the same time, creating solid creative images.

I know that things move quickly today! I nearly always ship or deliver your optimized full resolution photographs the same or the next business day following a shoot.

Frederick County, Maryland: &nbspScenics and Landmarks

I have a number of original scenic Frederick County scenes and landmarks in my stock library. Please email me or call for licensing terms and links to the gallery.

7326 Parkview Drive, Frederick, MD 21702
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